Terms and Conditions

MUNCHIE™ Onboarding Process User Agreement

V.1.5 effective 03/23/2022

Congratulations! Welcome to the MUNCHIE™ family!  You’ve made a great decision to take control of your expenses and simplify your trading card singles sales.  With MUNCHIE™, you are pioneering into a new standard of trading card inventory management.  Your feedback and ideas will be critical to continue to deliver the world’s first and best non-sorting inventory management software.  You will come to love your new TCG singles management process quickly and over time, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your inventory any other way.

Set-up your account at https://www.accessgrantedonline.com/signup

Join our client group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236341447523011/

Our pricing agreement is as follows:

$50/month (billed as auto subscription monthly).  You will need to keep a valid credit or debit card on file with Stripe, our payment processor.

$50-$1000 for a prepaid number of monthly cards to be inventoried through Munchie in two different ways at 2 different price points.  We refer to Identified Cards as listings.  Once they are identified, they will be listed.  Your listings are displayed on your users page.  

Cost per card listing:

Gradelisting – you and your authorized user(s) identifies card $0.03 (3 cents) per card

Autolisting – Munchie Identifies the card  $0.05 (5 cents) per card.  If Munchie isn’t able to identify the card, it will go to your Admin profile where you can identify it yourself or send it to a user for identification. If you or one of your staff self identifies after Munchie wasn’t able to or Munchie was incorrect, you will only be charged the manual Gradelisting rate for that card (3 cents).

Once you are set up, you can add more cards to Munchie using the Reload Tab.  All Reload options are in the Reload tab.  Discounts apply for 25,000 listings or more and reduce the cost per card listing by $0.01 or 1 cent per listing.  A reload will set your available  listings counter to a negative number. For example if you Reload to add 25,000 cards, your account will show a balance of ”-25,000”, as you use your listings the number increases until it approaches zero.  Once your account is at zero, you will receive a friendly reminder to go to your reload tab and purchase more card listings.  Any listings above zero are yet to be paid and will be invoiced at full price.  We have found that Reloading is the easiest way for us to manage accounts and the easiest method for you to manage your listings and maintain autonomy on your billing.

*Invoiced Billing is monthly and automatically.  Please avoid disruption of services by ensuring your card is active and available for Stripe. Also, please purchase some of each Grade listing and AutoList as you are likely to be using a combination of both for maximum efficiency.


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